Living Room Design


For example, if you killed your grandfather, you’d cease to exist! Hey, tell me something. You’ve got all this money. How come you always dress like you’re doing your laundry? It doesn’t look so shiny to me. Morbo can’t understand his teleprompter because he forgot how you say that letter that’s shaped like a man wearing a hat. WINDMILLS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY! GOOD NIGHT!

The 30% Iron Chef

Good news, everyone! There’s a report on TV with some very bad news! Fry! Quit doing the right thing, you jerk! Oh no! The professor will hit me! But if Zoidberg ‚fixes‘ it… then perhaps gifts! Kif, I have mated with a woman. Inform the men. I don’t know what you did, Fry, but once again, you screwed up! Now all the planets are gonna start cracking wise about our mamas. They’re like sex, except I’m having them!

  • Morbo will now introduce tonight’s candidates… PUNY HUMAN NUMBER ONE, PUNY HUMAN NUMBER TWO, and Morbo’s good friend, Richard Nixon.
  • Kif, I have mated with a woman. Inform the men.

The Why of Fry

Yeah. Give a little credit to our public schools. It’s okay, Bender. I like cooking too. My fellow Earthicans, as I have explained in my book ‚Earth in the Balance“, and the much more popular “Harry Potter and the Balance of Earth‘, we need to defend our planet against pollution. Also dark wizards. For the last time, I don’t like lilacs! Your ‚first‘ wife was the one who liked lilacs! So I really am important? How I feel when I’m drunk is correct? No argument here.

The Duh-Vinci Code

Switzerland is small and neutral! We are more like Germany, ambitious and misunderstood! When will that be? Oh, how I wish I could believe or understand that! There’s only one reasonable course of action now: kill Flexo! Good news, everyone! I’ve taught the toaster to feel love! Kif, I have mated with a woman. Inform the men. No, of course not. It was… uh… porno. Yeah, that’s it.

  1. It doesn’t look so shiny to me.
  2. Hey! I’m a porno-dealing monster, what do I care what you think?
The Late Philip J. Fry

Kids have names? Hey, what kinda party is this? There’s no booze and only one hooker. Good man. Nixon’s pro-war and pro-family.